CO- International Cooperative Film Festival
A space for films, the production and methodology of which are openly collective and collaborative, and whose arguments and aesthetic are alternative and bold. Cooperation, collectivity and collaboration will be the concurrent themes running throughout the screenings, dialogue and discussion during the festival.

At Zumzeig, from 17th to 20th October 2024.

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1. General Information

1.1. The aim of the international cooperative film festival is to give visibility to films with alternative and associative production methods and management.

The objetive is to offer the Zumzeig cinema, which is the only cooperative cinema in Catalonia, to create a space for dialogue and discussion around audiovisual themes and aesthetics that originate from a community context.

We understand alternative and associative production to mean ways of making films that break from author-centred individuality, instead being produced by a collective, using a participatory methodology between the crew and/or cast.

CO- supports cinema made by collectives that declare and position themselves as such and who see collective filmmaking as a political practice, the aim of which is to give visibility to non-hierarchical cinema.

1.2. “CO-“ will be held over four days and will comprise of conferences, screenings and round tables at the Zumzeig cinema on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th October.

1.3. All those submitting films to “CO-” confirm that they have read and accept these regulatory bases. 

2. Requirements

2.1. Films submitted must be produced by cooperatives, collectives and/or associations, using a participatory, non-hierarchical methodology.

2.2. Films submitted do not need to be premieres, but the Festival would consider it advantageous if they have not been previously screened in Spain.

2.3. The message of the film should reflect concerns around contemporary complexities, have a unique and bold aesthetic and be coherent with an associative work methodology.

2.4. Each entity may enter as many works as they like, however, each film must be submitted independently.

2.5. Films of all genres will be accepted.

2.6. Films submitted under the name of an individual author will not be considered.

2.7. Films with a commercial message will not be considered.

3. Sections, grants and juries

3.1. Section

International Official Section

3.2. Grants

- Film grant €500
- Exhibition Award. A film will be selected by Zumzeig members through a voting system to be exhibited at Zumzeig Cinema (Barcelona) and NUMAX (Santiago de Compostela) after the Festival.

All grants are subject to the taxes and regulations imposed by Spanish law. The amounts stated in these guidelines are gross and the corresponding income tax will be applied.

3.3. Juries

- The juries will be made up of people who have a solid background in the audiovisual, culture and arts industries and who share the Festival’s idiosyncrasy.

- The decisions of the juries are final.

4. Submissions

Films can be submitted between 17th May and 30th Juny, 2023.

4.1 Submission costs

The cost of submission is 5 € per film.

Submission deadline: 30th Juny, 2024 at 23:59 GMT+2.

The Festival reserves the right not to consider any films that do not meet the participation requirements, without guaranteeing a refund of the submission cost.

4.2 Submission method and materials

Films must be submitted via the platform FilmFreeway and FestHome

Submission consists of: 

a) Entry form

b) A screening copy of the film with subtitles in Catalan, Spanish or English (except for films whose original version is Catalan, Spanish or English).

c) The film’s credits and technical specifications

A private screening link with no expiration date must be sent (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). This link must be included in the entry form and sent to the following email address:

4.3. The entity submitting the film will be responsible for informing the Festival of any possible alterations to the film’s release status or alterations to the final version of the film.

4.4. The submission process will be successfully completed when the cooperative, association or collective receives a confirmation email.

5. Selection

5.1. Selection Committee

A committee has been formed by volunteer members of Zumzeig to select the films that will participate in CO- by means of an open and participatory group methodology within the organisation and during the stages prior to the event.

5.2. Notification of selection

Participants will be notified of the committee’s decision on 30th July, throughout the whole day.

If you do not receive a notification it means that your film was not selected for CO-.

After notification of selection, the entity submitting the film will be responsible for informing the Festival of any possible alterations to the film’s release status or alterations to the final version of the film.

5.3. Sessions

The date and time of each screening will be decided by the Festival.

In the case of the Exhibition Award, screenings will be organised with the respective screening venues.

5.4. Screening rights

The Festival understands that those entities submitting films are the rights holders of said films.
The Festival accepts no responsibility for any infringement regarding the film’s rights. It is the entities that register the film that must be responsible for the copyright settlements corresponding to the screening.

6. Communication and Press Materials

Once participation in the Festival has been confirmed, the following materials should be sent by email to: 

Subtitle text in Spanish, Catalan or English with timecodes for the translation and creation of the final subtitles
Synopsis, credits and technical specifications in Spanish or English
A minimum of five (5) stills from the film (minimum resolution: 300 dpi – 1920x1080 px) 
Trailer or extract of the film
Film poster in digital format, if one exists
Press dossier / clipping, if one exists
Short biography and filmography of the collective
Description of the film’s collaborative methodology
Release status at the time of selection, list of festivals the film has participated in and any awards won.

6.2. The Festival agrees to exhibit and hand out physical promotional materials of selected films within the Zumzeig cinema space. These can be sent by mail (shipping costs to be paid by sender) to the following address: Carrer Béjar 53, 08014, Barcelona, or they can be delivered in person.

6.3. Once selected, it is the responsibility of the collective to inform CO- of any alterations to the film.

7. Screening copies

7.1 Screening copies of selected films will be in original version. A subtitle file separate from the movie file (clean master) must be provided with subtitles in Spanish if the film is not originally in Spanish. English subtitles will be accepted if no Spanish subtitles are available. 

7.2 In the case of feature films, screening copies will preferably be in DCP. The Festival will accept digital back up files, which must be in .mov or .mp4 format, with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080.
In the case of short films, the Festival requires digital files in .mov or .mp4 format, with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080. Any other preferences regarding format must be agreed with the Festival’s organisation. 

7.3 The copy of the film can be sent up to and including 5th October, using one of the following methods:

A physical screening copy can be sent to the following address: Carrer Béjar 53, 08014, Barcelona 
The copy must be labelled with the name of the film and the collective (if it is S8, 16mm, or 35mm it must also include details of weight, measurements and number of reels).
Shipping costs are the responsibility of the collective. Return shipping costs will be covered by the Festival. 
DCPs can be sent digitally via MyAirBridge, or similar file-sending platform, and must not have an expiration date.

7.4 Insurance for transport of copies
The collective will be in charge of insurance for the copy sent to Zumzeig and the Festival agrees to return the copy with the respective insurance.
7.5 Copies will be returned once the Festival has finished.